Blood of Abraham - Future Profits (1993)

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Blood of Abraham - Future Profits (1993)

Artist: Blood of Abraham
Album: Future Profits
Release Date: 1993
Artist's Origin: California, USA
Style: Gangsta Rap
Качество: 320 kbps
File Size: 117 Mb

Белые, еврейские парни, которые в начале 90-х подписали контракт с лейблом Eazy E "Ruthless Records"...

01 Future Profits (Intro)
02 This Great Land Devours (Feat. Junior P.)
03 Southern Comfort (Feat. Willonex)
04 Stick To Your Own Kind (Feat. Yomo)
05 That Ol' Dupree Shit
06 I'm Not The Man
07 Father Of Many Nations
08 Devils Get No Dap (Feat. Rafiki Cai)
09 3-2-1 Contact
10 Stabbed By The Steeple
11 Another Nail In The Coffin
12 Life
13 Niggaz and Jewz (Some Say Kikes) (Feat. Eazy-E and Willonex)
14 Loose Interpretation Of The End (Outro)

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