Evidence - Weather Or Not (Instrumental Version) (2018)

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Artist: Evidence
Album: Weather Or Not (Instrumental Version)
Style: Instrumentals (Инструменталы)
Release Date: 2018
File Size: 126 mb
Audio Bitrate: MP3 320 kbps
Featurings: The Alchemist, DJ Premier, Nottz, Samiyam, Budgie, Twiz the Beat Pro, DJ Babu

01. The Factory (Instrumental) [Prod. Twiz the Beat Pro]
02. Throw It All Away (Instrumental) [Prod. The Alchemist]
03. Powder Cocaine (Instrumental) [Prod. The Alchemist]
04. Jim Dean (Instrumental) [Prod. Nottz]
05. Weather or Not (Instrumental) [Prod. DJ Babu]
06. Moving Too Fast (Instrumental) [Prod. Evidence]
07. Runners (Instrumental) [Prod. Evidence]
08. Bad Publicity (Instrumental) [Prod. Nottz]
09. Rain Drops (Instrumental) [Prod. Twiz the Beat Pro]
10. Sell Me This Pen (Instrumental) [Prod. The Alchemist]
11. Love Is A Funny Thing (Instrumental) [Prod. The Alchemist]
12. 10,000 Hours (Instrumental) [Prod. DJ Premier]
13. What I Need (Instrumental) [Prod. Evidence]
14. To Make A Long Story Longer (Instrumental) [Prod. Samiyam]
15. Wonderful World (Instrumental) [Prod. Budgie]
16. By My Side Too (Instrumental) [Prod. Budgie]

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