Access Immortal Discography / Дискография

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Access Immortal Discography / Дискография
Brooklyn, NYC, New York, USA


Access Immortal - American Me [2007]

Access Immortal Discography / Дискография

01. American Me
02. Funky Rhythm
03. Get Off
04. City Limits (ft Life Long)
05. Ghetto America
06. Lockdown (ft Nathaniel Roberts)
07. Fresh To Death
08. Brooklyn Smash Out (ft Poison Pen)
09. Lone Star
10. Sharks In The Water (ft Skyzoo & Swave Sevah)
11. I Have A Dream (ft Nomi)
12. Acc The Villian
13. Days Of Our Lives
14. Golden Era
15. Styles Upon Styles (ft Karniege & Mediah Starr)
16. American Me (Remix) (ft Reef The Lost Cauze & Akir)
17. Rhyme And Reason


Access Immortal - Shades Of Reality [2005]

Access Immortal Discography / Дискография

02.Authentic Made (Feat. Smiley Da Ghetto Child & Breez Evahflowin)
03.Resident Evil
04.Get What You Deserve (Feat. Substantial Karniege & Breez Evahflowin)
05.Born in the Ghetto
06.Some Days (Feat. Wordsworth)
07.Life is Dirty
08.Strugglers Paradise (Feat. Insight)
09.My Testimony
10.The General
11.Force of the Rush (Feat. Loer Velocity & Oktober)
12.Bust My Gun
13.Monday Night Raw
14.Best Kept Secret (Feat. Young Sin & Karniege)
15.Lost in Paradise
16.Shallow Graves (Feat. Science & Vanderslice)


Access Immortal - Last Summer In Brooklyn [2008]

Access Immortal Discography / Дискография

1. Independent Nightmare
2. Next Up (feat Karniege, Medinah Starr & Double AB)
3. Nothin But A Hustle
4. Crack Killz (feat Karniege, Young Sin, Double AB & Medinah Starr)
5. My Name Is Kaaresh
6. Cream Get The Money (feat Medinah Starr, Double AB & Karniege)
7. Same Old Sh*t
8. Hardcore (feat Medinah Starr & Emaze)
9. The General (90’s remix)
10. Say Goodbye (feat Quite Nyce of Radix)
11. Raised In NYC
12. Death of A Dynasty (feat Young Sin, Lyrics, Karniege, Emaze & Science)
13. Cradle 2 The Grave (feat Double AB, Karniege & Medinah Starr)
14. Mosh Pit (feat Karniege)
15. Kingz County (feat Skyzoo)
16. Mirror Mirror
17. In My Neighborhood (feat Kamel)
18. Thieves (feat Godfather Pt 3 of Infamous Mobb)
19. Victory (feat Double AB, Karniege & Medinah Starr)


Access Immortal - New York Yankee [2006]

Access Immortal Discography / Дискография

1. Welcome To The Hood
2. Respect The Name
3. Try Me (feat. Young Sin, Karniege)
4. Fuck The Rap Game
5. 3 The Hard Way (feat. Emaze, Young Sin)
6. What I Say
7. 5 Star Generals (feat. Young Sin, Karniege, Science, Oktober)
8. Million Dollar Rapper
9. Toxic (feat. Young Sin, Lyrics)
10. Surprise Of Your Life
11. Crazy 8's (feat. Karniege, Breez Evahflowin', Oktober, Young Sin, Loer Velocity, Poison Pen)
12. Robbin Hood Theory
13. Picasso (feat. Lord Willin)
14. Understand (feat. Nomi)
15. The Formula Freestyle (feat. Verbal Tec, Reef The Lost Cauze)
16. Prison Song (feat. Verse Essential)
17. See You In Hell


Access Immortal & 9th Wonder - Clear Album: The 9th Gate [2005]

Access Immortal Discography / Дискография

1 Intro
2 Call Of Da Wild
3 Nine In My Pocket
4 Dollar Bill Ya'll
5 Midnight Creep
6 Deep Waters
7 This Mortal Sin
8 Run With It
9 Just Go


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